What about us?

We save you time.
What we do,

Developing a new website is hard enough,

We take your existing photoshop documents or image files and cut and slice them into amazing W3C valid XHTML designs.

We do all the coding for you,

Tired of old boring table designs? Tables mean restrictions, with our XHTML and CSS designs we take out all of the limitations that you once had. Our coding allows for your website to load quicker, be search browser friendly and clean design and formatting.

Template Coder provides expert XHTML and CSS,

Our coding is here to make your life easier, sit back and relax we have you covered.

What we bring to the table:

Fast custom template turn around time or select one from our Gallery. We deliver fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services that help you manage your business.

  • Hours: 9am-5pm EST
  • Contact: contact@template-coder.com